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Complete Internships guide

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Complete Internships guide

26 ratings

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From building a good profile to following up after your interview, we've covered every important step that you need to know to get an internship this season!

Job Material: ATS, Resume pointers, templates, Cover letters, reviews, general tips

Building your profile: LinkedIn, Personal website, Projects, GitHub, etc.

Applying to internships, jobs: Websites, Career fairs, Referrals, Cold emails, Online platforms

Different Coding Interviews: Coding challenges, take home tests, phone interviews, puzzles, etc.

Different general interviews: Behaviour interview, One way interview, Follow up

Getting an offer: Getting, Evaluating, Negotiating, Conclusion

Cold Emailing: The best way to get that next big opportunity

The best way to get internships and jobs is to work on your skills, build a lot of projects, cold email people, and eventually ace those interviews. Things take time and nothing comes easy - you have to be different and work harder than others around you!

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Enjoy the amazing guide!

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